What is the process?

After understanding your unique needs, we will architect a solution using a simple but flexible framework.

Five Stage Process Outline:

  1. Requirements gathering. We outline your needs and articulate them into a Request for Information (RFI).
  2. Request for information. We contact potential suitable vendors with the RFI to gather interest, explore options and shortlist providers.
  3. Due diligence. Dependant on client needs and may include items such as candidate pre-screening, interview facilitation, SLA/contract/governance blueprinting.
  4. Request for Tender/Offer/Proposal. Negotiate contract, finalise engagement and devise transition plan.
  5. Manage/operate agreement. Our involvement in this phase will be determined by the outsourcing model you've chosen, from a weekly checkpoint to continuous management.

We will support you thoroughly from requirements analysis to vendor selection, contract negotiation, transition and operation.

Company Info
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