Why CYWebDev?

There's a number of benefits you will receive from engaging CYWebDev Ltd to help you on your outsourcing journey.


  • Your point of contact is in Ireland. We act as facilitator and intermediary
  • Providers of various sizes "ready-to-go" with a large part of the due diligence already performed
  • We have and continue to research hundreds of companies in Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Moldova and Bosnia & Herzegovina to find the most competent and reliable providers
  • Financial escrow - trust, security and peace of mind are integral to cross border parnerships. Your funds are released as soon as we verify you're happy with the deliverables or work performed
  • Candidate pre-screening, interview facilitation
  • Monitoring and controlling of project work by us

Through our research, we evaluate and work only with companies which are proven high performers. We verify as much as possbile including:

  • Company registrations/legal
  • Management team
  • Past/current customers