Why outsource?

Software development is complex. It is also expensive, especially in Ireland. Not only that, but in the current market demand for talent is high and the the shortage is palpable. How do you add quality resources to your organisation when you may not be able to offer the packages they demand?

Every time you hire a new member in your team, you need to do some combination of the following:

  • Advertise the position / engage a recruitment agency
  • Review CVs / Shortlist candidates
  • Interview candidates
  • Make offer / Negotiate offer
  • Wait for notice period to run course
  • Ensure space and equipment are provisioned
  • Meet ongoing legal/tax/insurance obligations

This is a time-consuming and costly process.

What will outsourcing and team augmentation change?

Yes, some of these onboarding aspects will always be present, but some key benefits exist when you choose to augment your team with an outsourcing model, namely:

  • A larger, diverse talent pool - you're no longer only competing for candidates locally
  • Faster onboarding - your required resource is likely already in the vendor's employment
  • Costs are transparent - you only pay the agreed rate for the work completed
  • Providers absorb the overheads and responsiblities of employing the resource
  • You can scale your team up and down as needed with minimal friction
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